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Employers' Responsibilities

This session gives an overview of employer’s responsibilities in meeting the requirements of the new legislation. This session includes some case studies and lived experiences which provide real life examples of steps which can be taken.

This session will cover the following aspects:

  • Recap of key concepts
  • Definitions of employer and employee
  • Overview of who else the law protects and applies to in a work context
  • Obligations unique to employers, including equal pay and equal treatment
  • Liability of employers for acts of others
  • Avoiding discrimination in recruitment, including when advertising, interviewing and making offers of employment
  • Discrimination issues that may arise during employment, upon termination and post termination, in particular when applying internal company processes
  • What employers can do to prepare


Employers' Responsibilities - Extra Resources

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Consortium S3 V2  - Employers’ Responsibilities - Supporting Existing Employees -

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